High-Performance Teams

Knight Insights' proven leadership experience and acumen can help to align any team around a common purpose and foster the commitment to proceed with higher levels of collaboration, innovation and results.

Leadership Excellence

Leaders today and tomorrow must be excellent leaders, thriving amid our 21st century volatility and change.  Depend on Knight Insights to share the latest insights into top best practices and current / future leadership trends.

Executive Presence

Because of Jim Knight's longtime executive career,  he is a tremendous resource for conveying the optimum blending of executive temperament, comportment and competencies to best influence others, drive results and command a room.

Managing Conflict / Influencing

Knight Insights can assist with limiting the negative aspects of conflict in an organizational setting while positively leveraging human interactions to enhance influence, understanding, performance and team outcomes.

Relationship Management

Turn to Knight Insights to help improve the level of engagement and the relationship between any individual, any audience, in any situation ... and cultivate enhanced connectivity leading to an enhanced relationship. 

Change Management

As change accelerates and intensifies all around us, improve the likelihood of success and effective ROI by looking to Knight Insights to aid you in implementing the best tools, techniques and process to manage change most proficiently.



From cultivating the capabilities of executive presence to assisting entire teams with managing conflict / influencing / performance / change management, Knight Insights can help you address your issues and achieve your goals.  It's an easy process: 

  1. First, we can connect by phone or email to help me understand your needs. 
  2. We can then set up a complimentary initial session.
  3. During that initial session, we can dig further into the issue(s) to better understand your needs and discuss possible paths forward.
  4. If we agree on a course of action we'll then engage and begin working together on the issue(s).