Executive and Management Consulting

Looking to improve your organization's executive / management performance? Draw upon Knight Insights' executive acumen to help address complex problems, devise valuable strategies or act upon other organizational issues.

C-Suite Advising

The C-suite is a unique location requiring unique solutions for challenges at the highest level.  Turn to Knight Insights' experience for practical advice to diagnose gaps, analyze issues and develop plans for change.

IT Strategy Development

Strategically investing in IT is key to delivering maximum value for the organization to drive growth and efficiency.  Utilize Knight Insights' extensive IT experience to help develop compelling IT strategies  and a clear plan for implementing them. 

IT Transformation and Optimization

With technology disrupting businesses across the globe, it's imperative to keep IT systems and infrastructures optimal and change-adept in order to achieve current and future strategic goals.  Let Knight Insights help.   

Business / IT Alignment

Technology is increasingly intertwined with every organization's business functionality.  Knight Insights' deep experience with both facets can help you better leverage the interactions and cohesiveness of all areas of the enterprise.

Program / Project Management

From large-scale organization-wide programs to pinpointed special projects, Knight Insights has the knowledge, tools, skills and techniques to manage or rescue any size -- and any scope -- of a project to help you achieve your goals. 



From the offices of the C-suite to entire areas across the breadth of your organization, Knight Insights can help you address any issue, project or challenge, enabling you to best achieve your goals.  It's an easy process: 

  1. First, we can connect by phone or email to help me understand your needs. 
  2. We can then set up a complimentary initial session.
  3. During that initial session, we can dig further into the issue(s) to better understand your needs and discuss possible paths forward.
  4. If we agree on a course of action we'll then engage and begin working together on the issue(s).