individual & group COACHING


Empowerment Coaching

Become the best you can be ... let Knight Insights help you step into your power and shift to a higher level of resonance with those around you, all while creating a more purposeful journey through life.

Executive Coaching

It takes a qualified, experienced executive coach -- like Jim Knight -- to help top talent gain optimum self-awareness, achieve continually-stretching development objectives and unlock their executive potential. 

Life Coaching

Achieve those personal / professional goals, work through life's many challenges or simply make a change in your life -- by working with a motivator and trusted partner  like Jim Knight to start taking action in any area in which you wish to evolve.

Career Coaching

Realize your career aspirations by turning to Knight Insights to help clarify your vision, explore options, achieve clear goals and map out a path for current, potential or upcoming transitions. 

Transition Coaching

Transitions are a new constant in our personal / professional lives.  Benefit from Knight Insights' experience, encouragement, advice and support as you explore,  evaluate and act upon changes at hand or on the horizon.

Team Building

Improve trust, communication and collaboration in a single team or throughout the enterprise.  Knight Insights can enhance the  cohesive connectivity of any size team to better work together interdependently and cooperatively.



Whether you're seeking one-on-one coaching or to strengthen a team within your organization, Knight Insights can deliver breakthrough insights and high-impact solutions.  It's an easy process: 

  1. First, we can connect by phone or email to help me understand your needs. 
  2. We can then set up a complimentary initial session.
  3. During that initial session, we can dig further into the issue(s) to better understand your needs and discuss possible paths forward.
  4. If we agree on a course of action we'll then engage and begin working together on the issue(s).