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Herb H. -- VP, Information Technology, Financial lndustry

"I partnered with Jim to design and implement our Digital Transformation Strategy.  He brought a unique third-party perspective as a seasoned executive and transformative former global CIO which enabled us to clearly articulate our objectives and refine our expected outcomes.  Together we were able to bring the timeline in a full 12 months ahead of the original plan, and we were successful on each front: people, process, applications and infrastructure. Jim played a dual role by partnering on strategy as well as providing highly effective executive coaching to my IT leadership team and me.  He assisted in strengthening the credibility of our department as we navigated uncharted waters.  He is a thoughtful, empathetic partner who guides people to be their best possible self while delivering their desired objectives.  To use Jim's own mantra, he 'leaves no stone unturned' in seeking optimal solutions." 

Daria Z. -- Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur

 "Jim has the unique ability to quickly make you feel comfortable, build rapport, listen carefully and hone in on the core issue or challenge.  Through his thoughtful approach and insights I was able to gain clarity regarding my life goals and how to realistically and effectively achieve them.  Partnering with Jim has left me highly motivated and energized to make it happen.  I enthusiastically recommend him as an Empowerment Coach." 

Barb M. -- Senior Program Manager, Insurance Industry

  "Jim has coached and mentored me over the past few years regarding both career and life challenges. He's part collaborator, part thought provoker and part cheerleader. And he has a keen sense for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. He has a way of re-framing your own thoughts that are sometimes hard to organize, in a way that adds meaningful direction. If you're looking for someone to confide in and learn from about yourself, your professional skills, your career ambitions, and your potential, Jim may just be the right partner for you.  Both my career and my personal life have truly been more fulfilling due in part to this relationship and the changes I have made with his coaching." 

Frank G. -- Senior Director Enterprise Functions, Energy Company

 "With his open and straightforward approach Jim effortlessly establishes a high level of trust, which leads to delving into each topic of discussion in an efficient manner. He is empathetic throughout the process, which makes it extremely easy to discuss any topic at any level. Jim’s breadth of experiences enables him to quickly draw upon relevant concrete examples that align well with each discussion point. In a short period of time, Jim has helped me build confidence and regain focus on the most important factors for taking the next step forward in my career." 

Andy Z. -- Director IT Infrastructure, Financial Industry

"I highly recommend Jim as a career coach. I spent many sessions with Jim discussing what I would really enjoy doing with my career before leaving an organization I had been with for over 30 years. We discussed what was important in my life and what made me feel fulfilled. Jim brought a lot out of me and gave me a homework after each session so we would be able to get closer to determining the next steps with my career. After I completed working with Jim, I realized I enjoy working with people and being a leader."

Caren S. -- CIO and EVP, Mortgage Industry

"When you work with Jim, you are guaranteed to get the very best in leadership, professionalism and strategic visioning.  Most importantly, you get the privilege of working with someone who is truly empathetic and principled." 

Howie C. -- Head of Digital Capability, Pharmaceutical Company

 "Jim has continued to coach and mentor me and now others. His counsel and mentorship have shaped the way I approach difficult business problems. He sets expectations for achievement and delivery and follows up with rigor to ensure my success. Jim's wisdom and expertise helped me to navigate tough org challenges. I highly recommend working with Jim. The result is simple. He has made my life better." 

Jeff M. -- Executive Advisor, Management Consulting

 "Over a three-month period, we met regularly for intense, thought-provoking and actionable conversations. Jim’s engagement style and ability to quickly grasp the underlying and most important element to focus on, or probe into, resulted in true insight and value.  Jim’s life experience and ability to bring this and other tools into the mix of the coaching relationship has given me a fresh perspective and understanding of my style and self.  I’d highly recommend Jim as a coach." 

Timothy J. -- CIO, Energy Industry

"I engaged Jim’s expertise to help guide my management team and me with developing our IT Strategy. Jim’s experience of having led an IT transformation effort at a Fortune 500 company as the company’s CIO -- and his ability to lead others through this process -- is very valuable. His talent for creating mission and vision statements as well as helping others define their strategic imperatives, objectives and defining KPI’s is proving to be very beneficial to my team."